Guide to the Consulate General of Japan in Detroit

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The Detroit Consulate was established in 1993 when economic relations between Japan and the Great Lakes region were strengthening. This led to a huge increase in Japanese businesses—such as automotive industries—and Japanese residents here. The Consulate office is located in the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. Its jurisdiction includes the states of Michigan and Ohio.
There are approximately 24,000 Japanese nationals residing in the states of Michigan and Ohio combined. The region is home to over 1,000 Japanese business sites, providing employment for almost 117,000 people. This region boasts very active grassroots-level exchange activities. In addition to the sister-state relationships between Michigan and Shiga Prefecture and Ohio and Saitama Prefecture, as well as various sister-city exchanges, there are numerous Japan-related events held in several locations in each state. Interest in Japanese language learning is also strong here, with approximately 9,000 students of Japanese language at Michigan and Ohio schools and universities each year. 
The goal of our Consulate is to continue to foster and maintain bilateral relationships between Japan and the governments, businesses, universities, cultural organizations, and general public in Michigan and Ohio.

Consulate General of Japan in Detroit
Consul General: SHINDO Yusuke
Office: 400 Renaissance Center, Suite 1600, Detroit, Michigan 48243
Days of Operation: Monday – Friday (except holidays)
Main Phone Number: 313-567-0120 (9:00 am – 5:00pm weekdays)
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