Consulate-General of Japan in Detroit



Consul General's Greeting

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My name is Mitsuhiro Wada, the Consul General of Japan in Detroit. My appointment began on August 24, 2015.

It is a great honor to work in Michigan and Ohio, as the Midwest enjoys a particularly close relationship with Japan. The expansion of Japanese companies in the region is truly remarkable. The 502 facilities in Michigan employ over 40,000 workers and the 482 facilities in Ohio employ over 73,000 workers. Japanese companies have greatly contributed to the local economy. Additionally, in both states combined, about 27,000 Japanese nationals reside; in fact, this Consulate has the 16th largest juristictional population of all of Japan's global diplomatic missions. Furthermore, Michigan boasts 27 sister city relationships with Japan, along with the Michigan-Shiga sister state/prefecture relationship. In Ohio there are 14 sister city relationships in addition to the Ohio-Saitama sister state/prefecture relationship. These exchages are very active at the grassroots level.

Given the very close releationship between Japan and this region, the Consulate General Staff stands ready to serve and protect the Japanese residents in this juristiction, provide a variety of consular services, support Japanese companies and promote every opportunity to share Japanese culture with the local population. We would like to make every effort to strengthen the ties of friendship between Japan and the United States as well as facilitate many exchanges.

As Detroit continues to make major strides in its renaissance, we seek to convey to Japan a very positive image of the city, as well as the great states of Michigan and Ohio.

Thank you everyone for your support and cooperation as we make great leaps forward.


Mitsuhiro Wada
Consul General of Japan in Detroit

Brief Bio

Mr. Wada began his career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in 1983. Within the Ministry in Tokyo, he has served as the Secretary-General for the 7th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting, Deputy Director-General of the International Cooperation Bureau (ICB), Deputy Director-General of the Southeast and Southwest Asian Affairs Department, and Director of the Grant Aid & Technical Cooperation Division of the ICB. Overseas, Mr. Wada has held posts as the Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister at the Japanese Embassy in China, as a Counselor at the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia, and as a Counselor at the Permanent Mission of Japan in Geneva. Mr. Wada joined the Consulate General of Japan in Detroit on August 24, 2015.