Consulate General Role and Organization


Role of the Consulate General

The Consulate General of Japan in Detroit was established in 1993 by the Government of Japan to serve in the States of Michigan and Ohio. Within these states our office has two major responsibilities – to protect the interests of the Japanese citizens and to strengthen the Japan-U.S. alliance through furthering relations with local governments, companies, educational institutions, cultural organizations and the general public. We strive to accomplish these goals in Michigan and Ohio by:

  • Providing protection and consular services for Japanese nationals
  • Promoting trade and investment with Japan
  • Promoting cultural, educational and grassroots programs with and about Japan

Organization of the Consulate General

Under the direction of the Consul General and Deputy Consul General, the various sections of our office include:

Consular Section

The consular section's duties include issuing and renewing passports, updating family registries, providing certification services, registering voters and providing overseas polling stations for Japanese nationals; issuing visas for non-Japanese travelers to or through Japan; providing support to local Japanese supplementary schools and to Japanese residents in cases of emergency.

Political and Economic Affairs Section

The political and economic affairs section analyzes political and economic trends and their impact on Japan-U.S. relations; provides support in public and private sectors to strengthen economic and political relations.

Cultural and Public Affairs Section

The cultural and public affairs section promotes knowledge and understanding of Japan and Japanese culture through educational, cultural and grassroots events and programs; supports Japanese language and culture education through various programs, advocacy and scholarships; coordinates the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program; and disseminates information through the media and website.

Vehicle Inspection Section

The vehicle inspection section assesses and certifies compliance of Japanese manufacturing standards and regulations for U.S. automobile exports to Japan.


Other sections include the Adminstrative Section - responsible for accounting, staffing and communications; the Security Section - responsible for the safety of the office and residence of the Consul General; and the General Affairs Section - responsible for protocol and overall management of the office.

To asist with our mission in Ohio, the Japanese government designates an Honorary Consul to help promote understanding of Japan, provide indirect support to Japanese companies, and attend official functions in Ohio on behalf of the Consul General.