How to Apply for an eVISA (YouTube)

eVisa Eligibility
  • The eVISA (online application) is available ONLY for a short-term tourism visa (less than 90 days AND single entry).
  • For all other types of visa applications, including a short-term business visa, a short-term relatives/friends visiting visa, a transit visa, a double-entry visa, and a short-term tourism multiple-entry visa, you are required to apply at the Consulate in person or by mail. Please see General Visa Information for the further information.

eVisa Issuance & Payment

    After you have submitted all the required documents, it takes at least 5 business days to issue the eVISA.   
  • If your visa is approved, you will receive an email titled【Notification of visa fee】
  • If you are Not exempted from visa fees, you are required to bring the printed copies ofNotification of visa fee】, "Registration Information Form" ( it will appear on your application page after submission) and your ID to the Consulate in order to make your payment. *You cannot pay online. Cash only.
  • Until further notice, visa fees must be paid in person at the Consulate General Office Window (Mon.-Fri. 1:00pm-3:00pm only, except Consulate Holidays) *Appointments are not required.
  • How to display “Visa issuance notice”
Application & Required Documents
  • To apply for an eVISA, please visit "JAPAN eVISA" (This is the ONLY official website. You will see "Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan" on the top left. Please beware of fraud websites looking similar to  the Japan eVISA website).
  • We do NOT accept any inquiries about the status of your visa applications as you can check the status through your visa application account.
  • Please upload all the required documents listed within the Check List
Related information

Contact: Inquiry about eVISA
  • United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii): 1-202-499-1468 (English)
  • Email: Japan Visa Information Hotline: japan-visa@bricks-corp.com (Available language: English)
  • List of Contacts