Transit Visa

For travelers making a brief stopover in Japan while en route to another country, transit visas are required.  Activities are limited to rest and leisure, and do NOT include business-related activities or visiting family and friends.  A single-entry transit visa is valid for 3 months and double-entry transit visa for 4 months.

Visa Exemption
Citizens/nationals of the United States, and other countries which have reciprocal visa exemption arrangements with Japan, may be eligible to stop in Japan without a transit visa.  Read more information about reciprocal visa exemption arrangements by clicking here.

General Visa Information
Please visit the General Visa Information page for information regarding the Detroit office’s window hours, mailing address and processing time.

Required Documentation

The following documents are required from each applicant:   

   1.   Valid Passport: 
Original and one photocopy of the identification page    
              a.   Signed, and with at least two blank visa pages           
              b.   For passports containing any previous Japanese visa that is still valid, a signed consent form must be included.          
              c.   Passport cover and any loose items in between passport pages need to be removed prior to its submission. The Consulate is not responsible for any loss or damage to them.  

   2.   Visa Application Form            

         Downloadable forms: 
 Visa Application Form to Enter Japan

          a.    Fully completed in type or legible print.  For non-applicable fields or questions, write “N/A,” “None” or “Unknown”.
                ● Chinese nationals: include names in Chinese characters in addition to alphabet. 
          b.    Personally signed. Digital or ‘typed’ signatures on page 2 are not accepted.
          c.   Copies of any arrest or criminal records (including acquitted or pardoned) and associated court documents must be submitted, together with English translations, if not in English or Japanese. Complete details, in writing, required for any untried cases, e.g. the charges, time served, fines, probation, etc.

   3.   One Passport-sized Photo to be attached to Application Form

            a.   Taken within the last six months
            b.   Securely glued to the application.  Stapled or taped photo will not be accepted.  If glue is not available, simply submit a loose photo with
                  the application form.

   4.   Proof of Current Address in the State of Michigan or Ohio
            ** Consulate General of Japan in Detroit accepts visa applications from residents of Michigan and Ohio ONLY. **

             a.   Copy of one official document showing your name and current address for example, driver’s license, state ID, bank statement, lease
                   agreement, recent utility bill, recent pay stub, or latest school transcript (if currently a student)
             b.   Personal and private information not needed to validate your address (bank account number, bank balance, etc.) may be crossed out for
                   your privacy

   5.   Proof of Legal Residency Status in the US (except US citizens)
           ** In principle, applications are NOT accepted from those visiting the US with B1/B2 visa. **

           A.   US visa holders (except B1/B2 visa):
                  a.   From CBP's website, a printout of the “most recent I-94”.  When printing, click the PRINT box located in the lower right corner of the
                        page, instead of your computer’s print command, to ensure proper formatting.  “Travel History” is not needed.
                  b.   A copy of I-20 (pages 1 and 2 both) for F visa holders and DS2019 for J visa holders
                  c.   A copy of I-797 (Notice of Action), if applicable


           B.    US permanent residents:
                  a.   A copy of valid green card
                  b.   A copy of I-797 (Notice of Action) or I-512, if applicable

   6.   Documentation Necessary to Enter the Country after Japan

           a.   If departing for U.S.:  A copy of valid US visa or Green Card to be re-admitted in to the US (F or J visa holders must show an I-20 or
                 DS2019 with the valid signature of an appropriate official for re-entry to the US).
           b.   If departing for a third country:  Valid visa or national passport of the country you enter after Japan.  If visa-free entry or visa-on-arrival
                 are the case, include such information printed from the country’s official web page (government’s, Embassy’s or Consulate’s).

                ** Note: This is not a ticket-purchase requirement. The Consulate is not liable for voided, expired or otherwise unusable tickets due to    
or delay of visa issuance. **


    7.   Flight Itinerary
          Round-trip flight itinerary, to/from Japan, required.  E-ticket or printout from travel agency, airline or travel websites also accepted.  Printout
          must include:
             a.   Flight numbers, all departure and destination cities, dates, and times.
             b.   Complete flight itinerary, starting from and returning to US, including any stops in other countries
             c.   For non-revenue standby ticket (aka buddy pass) holder who does not plan to enter Japan: a copy of the valid employee ID of the airline
                  employee’s or letter from the airline company confirming employment and eligibility to use standby tickets is required in addition to
                  standby tickets or complete flight information from airline company
   8.   Applicant's U.S. Bank Statement (Required if Japan stay exceeds one night.)

             a.   A copy/printout of most recent monthly bank statement (PDF) from a bank in the US.  A printout of bank website’s
                   activity/transaction  page is not sufficient.
             b.   Sufficient balance to cover all trip expenses

   9.   Itinerary in Japan (Required if Japan stay exceeds one night.)
             a.   Fill out the Itinerary in Japan to the best of your knowledge at the time of application.

   10.   Visa Fees
           Visa fees are determined by reciprocal arrangements between Japan and the country of applicant's nationality.  The fees change on April 1st
           each year.
             ●   List of fees         
            ** Payable in cash, by money order or cashier’s check payable to
“Consulate General of Japan” **

    11.   Release of Liability if applicable (See “10. Retrieval of Passport” in General Visa Information.)

           Downloadable form: Release of Liability

    12.   Prepaid and self-addressed envelope with tracking system if applicable (See “10. Retrieval of Passport” in General Visa Information for


            ** The Consulate General of Japan in Detroit reserves the right to request additional documentation during the course of examination. **