Ohio Connections

Japan’s Contribution to Edison’s Light Bulb

Thomas Alva Edison was one of America’s greatest inventors, renowned world-over for his invention of the incandescent light bulb. Yet, the success of his bulb is due, in part, by an essential component he found only in Japan. After many months of research and testing, in Edison found that a filament made of bamboo from Yawata City, Kyoto could burn for over 1200 hours – greatly surpassing any other material tested! Within a year manufacturing of commercial lamps began, and the use of bamboo from Yawata continued to brighten the world for the next decade.

This deep connection between Yawata City and Thomas Edison became the basis for the sister city agreement signed in 1986 with Milan, Ohio, Edison’s birthplace.

Edison's Birthplace

Thomas Edison's Birthplace
9 Edison Drive, Milan, Ohio
(near Exit 118 of the Ohio Turnpike)
Telephone (419) 499-2135

Open February through November.

Please visit http://tomedison.org
for more information.