Visas for Japan

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains a detailed information on visas to Japan in their website.For information on categories, procedures and other topics you may not find here, please check their site: outside.

Below you will find forms and information on the following:

If your questions are not answered here, feel free to email our visa officer here.

Downloadable Forms

Here is a list of forms you may need for your application process.
Only printed originals will be accepted. Faxed or apparent copies cannot be processed. Be sure to use high quality paper and settings for documents being submitted.

Most Common Forms (PDF format)
Forms Required in Special Cases (PDF format)
Additional Visa Information

Region Served by the Consulate General of Japan at Detroit

The Detroit consulate provides visa services for residents of Michigan and Ohio.For residents of other states, please see a list of Japanese consulates in the USA to see which consulate serves your area.Generally speaking the consulate does not accept visa applications from temporary visitors to Michigan or Ohio.

Visa Exemption Arrangements for Short Term Visitors to Japan

As of April 2006, Japan had concluded general visa exemption arrangements with 62 countries, as shown in the accompanying table. Nationals of these countries holding valid passports can apply for landing permission for short-term stays (generally 3 months or less see below*) for such purposes as sightseeing and business trips without acquiring a visa. However, cases involving paid activities in Japan are excluded. Also, visa exemption arrangements are not applicable in the case of stays exceeding the period of time stipulated in each arrangement. In such cases, it is necessary for foreigners to acquire a visa.

*For a list of countries with visa exemption arrangements and the period of stay permitted for each country, click here outside.

Applying for a Visa to Enter Japan

For nationals of countries without visa exemption arrangements, for visitors intending to reside in Japan for an extended period of time, or for visitors who will participate in activities other than those allowed under the short term visitor status, you must apply for a visa to enter Japan.

Visa application procedures vary slightly from one consulate to another. Therefore the following instructions are specific to the Detroit consulate. Instructions for applying for a short term visitor’s visa may be downloaded here. In addition, we have prepared a helpful reference for filling out each line on the application form. Click here to download this PDF file.

If you have obtained a Certificate of Eligibility from Japan, you must still obtain a visa before traveling to Japan. In such cases you may follow the streamlined application process found here.

Certificates of Eligibility

As mentioned above, applicants who posses a Certificate of Eligibility should follow a streamlined application procedure. Click here to download.

A Certificate of Eligibility is a document issued by the Ministry of Justice in Japan as evidence that the applicant fulfills various conditions of the Immigration Control Act, including those certifying that the activity in which the foreigner wishes to engage in Japan is valid and comes under a status of residence (excluding Temporary Visitor Status).For more information regarding Certificates of Eligibility, the Ministry of Justice outlines the application procedure.

Inquiries regarding obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility may be directed to the Immigration Information Center in Tokyo or to one of the Regional Immigration Bureausoutside located throughout Japan.

Visa Application Form

All visa applications require the same visa application form, which can be downloaded from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at: outside.

Here is a helpful reference for filling out each line on the application form. Click to download this PDF file.

Visa Fees

Visa fees are revised on April 1st every year.In addition nationals of some countries (including the United States) are exempted from paying visa fees, or may pay a reduced visa fee (including India and the United Kingdom). The fee schedule effective from April 1st, 2014 is available in PDF format by clicking here.